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     elcome to the world's most desirable art gallery. Billionaire takes pleasure in introducing you to the art of Maarika Joemaa. Maarika is an artist originally from Estonia based in Milton Keynes, England. She has travelled the world and experienced various cultures that are quite different from that of her frozen homeland. Her art expresses the world through the eyes of the people from the diverse cultures that she has encountered.


Billionaire Art Gallery

Defining Excellence in Art


"I was always curious about human nature and what drives them to do what they do. I believe that everything in life happens for a reason," says Maarika. "My eyes are wide open to the world of contrast to see and feel... I can’t go a day without expressing everything that touches my heart. Feelings like: happiness, love, passion, desire, pain, sorrow, loneliness really resonate with me and I often take inspiration from people who crave new experiences. Life is short and I don’t want to miss a thing! I get my inspiration from what life brings me." Her excellence is revealed in each unique piece that she has created displaying the over riding emotions of that indivdual in that moment in time.

Billionaire Art Gallery

Billionaire Art Gallery

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Connoisseurs are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a great bottle of wine. But if I can’t tell the difference between a Chateau Margaux 1995 and a bottle of Two Buck Chuck, the $400+ price tag on the Margaux becomes difficult to appreciate. Appreciation of excellence has to be learned, experienced.


The arts can be excellent. But for some reason people often seem to have difficulty articulating their excellence in terms that matter to a large audience, so we resort to easy descriptions that mean nothing to most people. And when they buy and can’t discern the “excellence” they’ve been told about. They question the soundness of their investment.


The reality is that being excellent at something no one cares about doesn’t get you very far. What was excellent yesterday doesn’t necessarily matter today. If the world is all about apples and someone develops new oranges no one cares how good the oranges are as excellence is about delivering what matters.


What does one feel if when they hear Beethoven? Why should one care about Chekhov? How is one changed by the experience? How about just showing me through great works of art what the others experience and how they are moved to do what they do? Excellence is a meaningless word if you don’t define it for the situation. And if you don’t define it, how will people learn and evolve? Maarika's art expresses what mattered to each individual person at the point in time of creation of each peice. Her cross-cultural works epitomise the excellent diversity that a life well lived has to offer.


"Life is short and I don’t want to miss a thing!"


Maarika Joemaa